Welcome to Taste of India and the Cultural Festivities – 2024!!

The best way to learn more about India is through its people, cultures, traditions and decor. The lifestyle, cuisine, and language change every few miles as you move across the country.

Mystical India: Highlighting India’s Mythology and Folklore is the chosen theme for Taste of India this year.

Indian Literature, spanning from the Epics like Ramayana and Mahabharata to the Jataka tales to PanchaTantra and Hitopadesha Katha Sarit Sagara and beyond, embraces a rich tapestry of oral traditions and folklore. These tales, transmitted orally across generations, encompass myths, dramas, and rituals. Over time, scholars and writers have diligently recorded these narratives, ensuring their preservation. From medieval mystic songs to diverse works in numerous languages, Indian Literature serves as a unifying force, weaving together the cultural fabric of the nation. Through its varied tales, songs, and plays, often adorned with regional proverbs and aphorisms, it fosters a deep connection and understanding among India’s vast and diverse communities.

We can’t wait for you to come and visit us on April 20th to relish all aspects of culture, traditions and the tapestry that make India colorful and unique.

Dharti Patel

Cultural Chair

Manan Shah

Taste of India Chair