Community Outreach

Welcome to Taste of India and Community Outreach – 2024!!

Community outreach is a proactive effort to engage with and support the community. The initiative of the community outreach team aims to spread the recognition of Taste Of India within the community through giving back. It offers individuals the chance to make a positive impact by providing assistance to those in need and allocating resources to support various community initiatives. Whether through volunteering time, attending events, or simply spreading the word, everyone can play a part in creating a stronger, more interconnected community. Join us in making a difference and celebrating the culture of our community together.

This passionate group of volunteers have gathered together and put together so many events thus far – Toy Drive, Hot Dinner Meals, Greeting Cards, Feed the Hungry, Coat Drive, Book Drive, Valentine Day Treat. There is so much love and cheer to spread and this cannot be accomplished without community support. Thank you to one and all. Three Cheers!

Meghana Shah

Community Outreach Chair

Manan Shah

Taste of India Chair