Cultural Registration


Taste of India 2019 Cultural Program Participation Guidelines. 

  1. Age and number of performances per participant:

  •    All participants must be aged 5 years or older.
  •    Under 12 year-old may participate in only one performance.
  •    12 year-old or older may participate in maximum 2 performances.  
  •    Professional choreographers are exempt from this rule.

2. Registration Fees:

  • A non-refundable registration fee of $5.00 per participant/ per performance.
  • Registration fee must be paid online by choreographer for all the team members per performance.   

3.  Minimum Number of Performers per Team and Performance Duration:

  • Each dance performance must have a minimum of 4 participants.
    • Chair, Cultural Committee may consider waiving this requirement for few  13 year or older participants. 
  •  Each performance should not be more than 6 minutes.

4. Music Upload:

  • All music must be  uploaded  online at time of  registration.
  • If there are any edits to the music after registration, please  email  the revised music file to Davinder Kumar at
  •  NO CD will be accepted.

5. No Food in Green Rooms:

  • Choreographers, team leaders and parents shall ensure that participants do not bring any food or drinks into the Green Rooms.

6.  Registration:

  • Registration opened on January 21.
  • Registrations will be accepted on first come, first served basis, subject to approval by Cultural Committee.
    • The first registration for a particular song  will be given preference.
    • Please check  and confirm that the song you wish to register has not already been registered.
  • Registration will close on March 29.
    • If all available slots fill up sooner, registration will close earlier.
  • The Cultural Committee reserves the right to disapprove any registration where the proposed performance’s quality or content does not adequately promote the objectives of the Cultural Program -in the Cultural Committee Chair’s sole discretion.

7. Cultural Rehearsal

  •  Sunday, April 21 – at Hindu Temple of Hampton Roads, Chesapeake, VA.
  • Participation of all performers (excluding College Teams) is mandatory.

8. Taste of India 2019 Event Date:                   Saturday, April 27